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Our Wedding Photography Service for You



Its important that we meet before a booking is made.  After all, well be spending hours together on your wedding day and you need to know that well get along and have a great time.  Well chat about your plans and ensure that its possible for us to take the pictures that you want whatever the weather.  We want to do a great job for you that also meets the high standard we set ourselves.  We will show you albums that illustrate a variety of pictures and you can let us know your preferences.

Your Wedding Day

We call you both on arrival and meet the bride first, our style is to fit in with what is happening on the day taking photographs in a very relaxed and unobtrusive way, ensuring we capture the photos you planned, those you wish to add on the day, and of course those we just think add to the day.  The following day we will send you a few images that you can post on your favourite social media sites.

Your Photographs

After your wedding day we will start work on transforming the camera images into a beautiful collection of photographs for you.  About a week after your wedding day we will send you your images on a boxed disc ready for you to view and keep as a memory of your special day.